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Surprisingly no damage on package and arrived in 2 weeks! I expected to take longer

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Kwon. J

Little big, but overall it's , charges well, no complaint.

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Sam. S

Received the order today. Tested the item and is working great on my new iPhone X. Thank you CheapWirelessCharger!

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Key Features:

QI wireless charging

Simply place your Qi-compatible device to recharge plug-free.

Secure & Stable

Flexible silicone grip securely clamps on air vent without scratches

Multiple viewing angles

360° rotation allows you to freely adjust for the most comfortable viewing angle.

Flexible length

Press back button to adjust mount dimensions; fits devices 60 to 83 mm wide.

LED indicator status

Red: in standby mode
Blue: in wireless charging mode
Flash red: Alert

Energy saving

The wireless charger is energy efficient and provides overcharge protection for devices

Safe driving

Attaches to air vent, freeing field of vision

Foreign object detection

Equipped with the latest WPC Qi FOD function to protect against overheat and overload with non-compatible metals

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