Dual Coil

Charge your phone either horizontally or vertically.

Kickstand function - double as a desktop stand to free up your hands.

Which means you can listen to music in portrait mode while charging,


watch a movie in landscape mode while charging.

Fast charging

it is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices with up to 80% conversion rate. The 9V fast charging feature only supports fast charging enabled devices.

Multiple protection - smart power management technology

1. Overcharging protection
2 Overpower protection
3. Debounce protection
4. Overvoltage protection
5. Short-circuit protection
6. Overdischarge protection
7. Electromagnetic field protection
8. Overcurrent protection

Reviews from our real customers!

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Susan. C


Charger is amazing! Works great with iPhone X 🙂

Eric. T


Little Delay and package is bit destroyed... but the product inside is good. No issue at all!

Tim. B

Great product! great packaging, shipping, and great customer service!

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